When is The Best Time To Pray

When is the best time to pray? Morning? Noon? night? Before a meal?
When we‘re in church? When we need something so very badly or want to affect a healing or some kind of relief or favor, for a loved one or even ourselves?

The true answer is only YOU can know when is the best time to pray for you and your situation.

Most religions tell to pray hard and to pray often.
There are many many issues revolving prayer and how we should incorporate it into our daily lives.

One of the biggest common denominator is that we actually do stop, and take the time do pray, and pray with all of our heart.

A good friend of mine say:
”Don’t let your prayers bounce off of the ceiling..”

Truly have a heart felt dialogue with the Devine..
Pray for the sake of praying not just when you need something..
Pray for a connection to the almighty, to a patron saint, for a deeper understanding of this world and life beyond. We pray for our enemies, that they may find peace. There is always something to pray and meditate for or towards.

The important take away here is to make it your own….Pray for and about what is meaningful to you and what it is you care about the most. Just take the time to quiet your mind and reflect on your life and the lives of those around you.

Give thanks for all the blessing and know that your prayers will be answered…perhaps not in away that you might even recognize…but you will find if you pray with sincerity and expectation and gratitude…all that you pray for shall be yours.

Below you will find some ideas on how to actually incorporate prayer into your daily life….

Prayer is a personal thing… it is our private conversation with all that we are and all that we will ever be.

Make prayer special and enjoy praying often.

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  1. show Reddy says:

    Good words are here.But Iam not able to pray with attention.Every time some disturbance will happens.

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